The Firm

Who We Are

Lewis Brown is an established independent financial planning firm that has been serving individuals and families in the Fort Worth-Dallas region for almost two decades.  We are a team of elite professionals, who specialize in delivering tailored personal finance and investment services. 

When you call Lewis Brown, you talk to a live person who knows you, who is independent and objective, and puts your priorities first. 

Our Mission

Chris A. Lewis and Claudia Perez Brown opened their firm 20 years ago with one goal in mind: helping families preserve and achieve a financially secure future.  Located in Plano, Texas, Chris, Claudia, and their team are dedicated to personalized service.

Personalized service at Lewis Brown means we listen and get to know you and your family, and understand your goals.  It also means we are available on your schedule, when you need us. 

What you receive from Lewis Brown are practical investment services that are tailored to your specific circumstances, whether it is retirement financial planning, identifying and investing in the best “529 plans” to save for a child’s college tuition, or being financially prepared for the unexpected, such as long-term acute care or financial hardship.

Who We Work With

A Lewis Brown financial advisor works side-by-side with you, and your tax and legal advisors to craft and execute a holistic and comprehensive plan that serves your unique needs and objectives.

As registered financial advisors we work with Commonwealth Financial Network®, an independently owned and managed broker/dealer. This allows us to act solely in your best interest, without bias and without pressure to promote a particular product or strategy.  It's a model that differs from that of some other larger financial firms, whose advisors are accountable not just to their clients, but also to the parent company and its shareholders.

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