Helping People Prepare for Retirement and Pursue a Financially Secure Future

Lewis Brown has nearly two decades of experience working with clients who want to invest for their future---helping them navigate the ups-and-downs of the market. We invite you to explore how our retirement and investment expertise can help you pursue a long and rewarding future.

At Lewis Brown, our advisors offer one-on-one guidance and practical opinions on your investment portfolio. With access to a broad range of products and services, we help you choose a specific combination of investments suited to your goals and risk tolerance.

Income planning

The number one goal for many of our clients is to ensure an ongoing income stream after retirement.

  • We utilize an Income for Life model to help you plan for and generate a sustainable income stream throughout your retirement. This process illustrates how your pension income, Social Security and investments can work together to maximize your long-term income stream.
  • We stay current with the ever changing Social Security rules to help you determine when you and your spouse's payouts should start.
  • We help you choose which health insurance is best for you as you head into retirement to protect your income stream from unexpected health care expenses. Options may include an individual plan, Cobra, Medicare, or a combination of plans.

Critical financial questions

When clients first meet with us, they often have important questions about their retirement options and long-term game plan. We can help you answer and address these important questions, such as:

  • Am I on track to meet my target retirement date?
  • What happens to my 401Kafter I retire?
  • What are the benefits of an in-service rollover?
  • Have I selected the right investments and allocation within the 401K plan?
  • What are the benefits of stretch IRA for my heirs?
  • How should I invest to afford my child’s college education?
  • What are my health and life insurance options?
  • What are my options for estate planning?
  • Is this investment vehicle too risky or too conservative for what I am planning?
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