Savings Bonds

There is an estimated $15 billion in U.S. Savings Bonds no longer earning interest that have not been redeemed.

Each year, fewer banks or credit unions will assist bond holders with these redemptions.

In addition, there is currently only one Federal Reserve facility in the US responsible for this redemption process.

Therefore, you may need help evaluating your savings bonds to determine if:

•           Your bonds are still earning interest

•           Your bonds have matured

•           Your bonds are in a penalty phase

•           Your interest is being properly calculated

Please contact Lewis Brown if you need assistance with your Saving Bonds


Current U.S. Savings Bond Interest Rates from Nov 1, 2017 thru April 30, 2018 

  • Series EE Bonds 0.10%
  • Series EE Bonds older than May, 2017 varies from 3.98% to 6.00% based on issuance
  • Series I Bonds Variable Rate 2.58%
  • Series I Bonds Fixed Rate 0.00%
  • Series H Bonds 1.50%

EE Savings Bonds are a secure savings product that pay interest based on current market rates for up to 30 years. Electronic EE Savings Bonds are sold at face value in Treasury Direct

I Savings Bonds are a low-risk savings product that earn interest while protecting you from inflation. Sold at face value. Check out our table that is a comparison of TIPS and Series I Savings Bonds

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